Comprehensive eye exams are performed at Del Family Eyecare. Not only will you be evaluated for current eyeglass and/or contact lens prescriptions, you will also be checked for ocular disease. Retinal photos and dilation are included in the comprehensive exam.

Dilation is performed at routine visits in our office in order to get a complete look at the inside of the eyes. Only about 30% of the interior of your eyes can be seen without dilation. With the use of a few eye drops, the doctor can see the inside of the eye in its entirety.

If you do elect to be dilated, the effects of the drops last about 3-4 hours after your visit during which time near vision may be impaired as well as a significant sensitivity to light. Most people have no problem driving home afterward with the use of disposable sunglasses we provide.

Our doctors are experienced in the treatment and management of ocular disease. If allergies, conjunctivitis, or foreign bodies have made their way into your life, we’re here to help!


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DateDecember 19, 2014